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Scale Ideas into Driving Products!

We empower startups and innovative companies to transform ideas into scalable products that drive their business forward.



We build your MVP ready to test the market and attract investment.

We guide you through the entire process from preparation to market launch!



We bring the technical expertise your team needs. Expand rapidly and accelerate development with our Sherpas.

Delegate the entire product development lifecycle with a dedicated team.



Are you leading development teams and want them to have a greater business impact?


We train and coach your teams to align with the vision and deliver continuously.

// Products and Teams

// Teams that scale and deliver at a sustainable pace .

Do you know what happens when you empower teams with our In-House Talent Accelerator 

Drive your business forward

Whether you're in a phase of rapid growth and facing the challenge of developing high-quality digital products in a short time, or striving for your teams to achieve the best possible results, Code Sherpas shares expertise in your projects.

High impact on business

We understand that technical excellence is only half the battle.
That's why we support your team members in developing interpersonal skills that facilitate teamwork. We instill alignment with the business vision and foster iterative and incremental development.

Talent reservoir

Building a talent reservoir instead of relying on star hires allows you to scale teams and business sustainably.
At Code Sherpas, we have created a training program for teams, so that over 8-12 iterations (4-6 months) teams are able to understand the problem, are aligned with the purpose, and can pragmatically implement the vision.

// We drive growth through
digital products.

Product Mindset

We identify as digital creators. We understand the importance of truly understanding what users need in order to create solutions that have a business impact and drive growth.

Agile Development

We apply and share agile development techniques such as TDD, DDD, and Continuous Delivery. We are committed to delivering high-quality software continuously, evolving alongside the business.

Adaptability to Change

The only constant in a company is continuous change. We support teams in responding to change by delivering in a Lean manner and facilitating continuous feedback.

Discover how we can assist you and
take your organization to the next level

Explore how our technical team seamlessly integrates with your organization to deliver scalable products that captivate users.

// Technical leadership and inspiring sessions.

Technical Leadership

We understand the nature of your business and focus on ensuring a technical direction aligned with your goals and a competent team to drive it forward.

We accompany your team in integrating the strategic vision, increasing efficiency, and maintaining a sustainable pace of work.

Short Courses

While we are not a training company, we organize learning sessions on areas where we excel.

Inquire about our Workshops if you need to achieve results with limited available investment.

Join our
Slack community!

In the Code Sherpas Slack community, you'll find:

Monthly Ask Me Anything sessions

Networking opportunities with digital creators.

Access to resources to advance your career in tech.

Job board with employment opportunities.



100 % Remote

The world has changed, and so have work environments.
We prepare you to thrive in remote-first settings.

Technical Excellence

We guide you in embracing agile development practices based on Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, and Evolutionary Design.

We Make an Impact

We foster an inclusive and empowering culture that drives exceptional results, making us true partners to our clients and colleagues.

We Know the Way

We have already traveled the path of building a product from scratch and understand the challenges. Let us help you navigate it better.


// Work with us!

Visit our Careers page and find out about open positions at Code Sherpas.

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