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Let's talk about:

scaling teams
with Junior developers

Featured Guest

Valentina Cupać

Technical Coach & Founder
Event hosted by

Cristina Verdi

Technical Coach & Founder
@Code Sherpas


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17:00h CEST

Episode 4

Hi there! 🙋‍♀️ 👩🏽‍💻

In this episode of Code Sherpas Talks/ we will be talking about the growth and delivery challenges that many software companies are facing nowadays: 

As a CEO, how can you help your company build successful software products, reduce time-to-market, and ensure high customer satisfaction?

As a CTO or Engineering Manager, how can you build teams whom you can fully trust to sustainably deliver reliable software, to be responsive to changes in business needs, and to be able to scale teams to handle increased demand from business? 


Success is not possible without high performing teams. 


Many companies are stuck with the problem of finding and retaining the right people, and building effective teams. They try to recruit one-in-a-hundred superhero senior developers, but everyone’s chasing after them, they are in short supply. And what happens when they are not a team player? What happens when they’re the only ones who can produce high results? What happens when they leave? What happens when you need to scale teams teams rapidly, but there’s simply not enough of these developers to hire?


Fortunately, there’s a solution.


During this session, we will share our experiences in recruiting high-potential junior developers and coaching development teams to start delivering high quality solutions in 3-6 months

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Meet our 

featured guest

Valentina Cupać

Technical Coach & Founder

Valentina Cupać is the Technical Coach & Founder at Optivem, helping software product companies to deliver better software faster with TDD and Clean Architecture.

Valentina specializes in building and scaling teams with high potential junior developers.

She helps development teams release new features much faster, minimize software defects, and scale teams effectively.

Previously, Valentina worked as a Senior Software Developer, Technical Lead, and Solutions Architect using the Java & .NET tech stack. She has graduated with a dual degree from the University of Sydney, majoring in Computer Science, Advanced Mathematics, and Finance.


hosted by

Cristina is Founder & Technical Coach at Code Sherpas.

She helps companies and teams materialize good ideas into awesome products that customers love and are profitable for companies.

Throughout her career, she's worn many hats such as a Product Manager, Software Engineer and lately Technical Coach and Entrepreneur.

Thanks to her experience she helps teams find the balance between building the right thing, building it right, and delivering it continuously and timely.


"Collaboration between peers, collectivity, and mutualism are the key to success." - Cristina Verdi


Cristina Verdi

Technical Coach & Founder
@Code Sherpas

Code Sherpas Talks/ 

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