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Boost diversity in tech & add perfect skills fit to your talent pool.

Decide and tailor the training that will drive the next generation of diverse Software Engineers to top organizations like yours.


// Influencing Code Sherpas' curriculum is a powerful way for companies to

Tailor training & skill sets


Hire talented software engineers who have previously depeveloped the exact skills your organisation needs.

Increase diversity in tech

Nurture a promising generation of diverse Software Engineers. Enable your organisation to build up on the superpowers that diverse teams bring.

Scale at speed

Perfect skills match means that your new joiners will be able to become effective contributors, faster. In other words, scale at speed.


// Shape the skills that will turn your future and current employees into effective contributors.

Become our partner and help minorities in tech advance their careers. Influence and tailor our programmes so that talented software engineers develop the skills that your organization needs to achieve its business goals.

// Nurture the careers of promising Software Engineers from diverse backgrounds.

Join Code Sherpas on our mission to boost diversity in tech. By becoming our partner, you will make great impact on the careers of promising Software Engineer who come from diverse backgrounds.


// 3 simple steps to perfect skills fit, at no extra cost


Share with us your desired skills for your team

On our first conversation, we will take good note of what skills you're looking for when hiring new joiners to your teams.


We will match our programs to your needs

Our programs have been developed to meet the expectations of excellent software-based companies like yours.


We will develop a tailored training program

In case none our current programs meet your ogranization's needs, we will tailor a training program for your organization.

What our apprentices say about our programmes & learning paths

It's amazing how much I've learned in such a short time, I now feel like I'm doing things like I do in the real world. Thanks to Code Sherpas, I have been elected as a board member of the Computer Society of India, got a scholarship from Adobe to finish my degree and then I was able to join their team as a Software Engineer. "

Ashikka Gupta
Software Engineer Intern @Adobe



About us //

Code Sherpas is a tech talent accelerator.

We make it easy for startups, scaleups and innovative companies to scale their teams by connecting them with top tech talent.

We foster diversity, inclusion and equity in tech by breaking down entry barriers to tech and by guiding dreamers and doers to the top.

// Facts we are proud of


Apprentices who identify as women

We create an environment where everyone feels they belong.


Nationalities other than Spanish

Our apprentices live or come from countries such as India, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Nigeria, Cabo Verde, Mexico, other EU countries. 


+ 30 years old


We encourage everyone to advance their careers in tech. It's never too late. 

Meet The Team


Founder & Technical Coach

  • LinkedIn

Ever since I learned the language that machines speak, my life never was the same. Education is an inmense force to transform society.

"Let's get involved and take action, because today we're creating the future"


Co-founder & CareerCoach

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Executive Coach with  background in law, and more than 10 years of experience. Learned to code at the age of 40, just for fun.

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"


Co-founder & Technical Coach

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Computer Scientist and Software Engineer. The rest of the time, lover of all knowledge in general and technology in particular. Unconditional fan of science fiction.

"Only practice takes to mastery"

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// Influence and tailor the learning paths that will take the next generation of talented and diverse Software Engineers to the top.

Enable your organization to scale at speed by becoming our partner. Our training programs, targetting talented software engineers from diverse backgrounds will boost perfect skills fit in your talent pool.

Thank you for submitting a response! We will get in touch very soon.

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